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Our Chair

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Maddie Nguyen

Internal Development Chair | Biology 2025

What the Program Does

The Mentorship program began in 2018, as a new addition to our constantly growing organization. Our goal is that it will help our members grow as leaders and future health care professionals. The program is designed to help incoming underclassmen members of MESH navigate through their life at UCLA. Each member will be paired with a single mentor, an upperclassmen student that has been committed to MESH for at least one year. The mentor will provide guidance, advice, and support for the mentee, essentially assuming the role of a family member. The mentors and mentees will participate in a variety of social and professional activities, including leadership workshops and bonding events. All of these activities are designed to make our younger members feel more comfortable and more prepared for life as students at UCLA but also beyond.

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What Members Gain


They will receive plenty of advice and guidance from their mentors and be given the opportunity to gain insight into life in MESH and at UCLA.


Through the various activities of the program, we hope members will see a significant improvement in their interpersonal skills and their ability to lead. These skills are not only important for their future careers, but also play a role in day to day college life.


Eventually, we want to see our young members become mentors for future generations, continuing a new tradition of family and unity within MESH.

Why the Program Is Important

Being a part of the pre-health community at UCLA is difficult. Not only are students challenged academically through their classes, but they have to deal with the emotional stresses of being in a new and competitive environment. We firmly believe that as an organization catered to pre-health students, we should strive to provide them with the resources they need to be prepared for such challenges. The goal is that our mentors can provide advice in all aspects and help students adjust to college life.


The Mentorship program also strives to instill the social and leadership skills our members will employ in their future careers as health care professionals. By hosting bonding events, we want to encourage networking and forming personal connections. Through fun and interactive leadership workshops, we want our members to gain important team building and communication skills that will play an integral part in the everyday work of those in the ever-growing healthcare industry.

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