What We Do

Project Venice works closely with Venice Family Clinic (VFC), a community health clinic that serves low-income patients throughout Los Angeles County. Along with quality primary healthcare, VFC offers various resources to the community such as low-cost dental care, English classes, and fitness classes. Our project supports the diverse needs of the clinic through two committees and connects passionate UCLA students with volunteer roles at the clinic.


Our Committees


We design health-themed children's books to be distributed to VFC patients. By doing so, we aim to make health education more accessible for a younger audience.


We organize fundraisers and adapt community projects as a way of utilizing alternative, innovative ways to serve VFC and to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the underserved populations who rely on the clinic for affordable healthcare.

Our Volunteer Roles


We work to bridge the gap between healthcare resources and low-income patients. We answer any questions they may have about health insurance and/or resources that the clinic or other places have to offer. Furthermore, we survey patients to improve the quality of care of the clinics. 


We play an important role in a child’s ability to manage their own health and prevent diseases. Our goal is to improve health literacy in children to help future generations make informed decisions about their health, and to set the foundations of healthy living in these communities for years to come.


We assist volunteer physicians and specialists with patient communication in order to provide quality care for non-english speaking patients. We have direct patient contact and are integral for quality care. Fluency in Spanish is required.

Our Directors



Project Venice Co-Director | Psychobiology 2021

Joining MESH my second year here at UCLA was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. From our impact on community health to the friends I've made, there's not a single moment in MESH that I wouldn't relive again. Going out to get Korean BBQ, boba runs, and hiking in San Diego are just a few of the amazing memories I shared with my fellow members in MESH. Aside from MESH, I love going out for hot pot and long road trips.

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Project Venice Co-Director | Pre-Human Biology and Society Major and Biomedical Research Minor 2023

MESH was the first organization that I joined at UCLA, and I could not be more grateful for the experience I've had. Beyond volunteering at Venice Family Clinic and connecting people in underserved communities to essential resources, I've made friends with so many amazing people. If you're looking to join a family of people who are just as passionate about healthcare equity as you, look no further! Outside of MESH, I like to sketch, binge The Office and Parks and Rec, and fail at cooking.