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Medical Experience through Service in Healthcare strives to make an impact in all aspects of healthcare: clinical care, public health, and global outreach. MESH aims to act as a bridge between understaffed free health clinics and UCLA students interested in volunteering for their community and is dedicated to supporting non-profit health organizations both locally and globally. By encouraging student involvement in health-related service activities within the local community, MESH strives to promote awareness of low-income communities and their healthcare needs and to empower its members with the professional and leadership experience needed to make a difference in their communities.  


  • To offer direct hands-on experience for UCLA students aspiring to be health professionals.

  • To function as a medium to educate UCLA students about primary care and public health.

  • To promote not only independent volunteering, but also the collective effort of members to help with the overall needs of the clinics/non-profits, as a team effort can be more effective than that of an individual.

  • To continually improve upon the impact of the organization on the community by making appropriate adjustments and developing new ideas to better serve the particular needs of the clinics and non-profit organizations.

  • To foster a sense of community and cooperation within the organization through socials and our mentorship program– for members to support each other in their academic endeavors and career goals.

  • To inspire life-long community service in its members.



One way MESH gives back for the valuable opportunities our members have at these clinics is to aid in supporting them financially. MESH fundraises for and collects donations of medical supplies and nutritious foods for the clinics. In addition, MESH organizes and conduct health-related educational seminars and workshops about common diseases and public health concerns at the clinics.

Financial support plays an integral role in providing free healthcare and medicine at these clinics. Donations can be made through our paypal account below. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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