Project Maryvale works in partnership with Maryvale Residential Homes, a foundation dedicated to provide residence and a supportive environment to foster youth. We work with Class 12 foster youth, girls of ages 6-18 who have suffered through physical, psychological and any other form of abuse or neglect.  Project Maryvale strives to empower these girls through engaging activities focused on health, education, esteem building, and skills they may find useful as they become adults and transition out of the Maryvale Home.  


Currently, Project Maryvale aims to spread awareness about inequalities within the foster care system through our Facebook page, Fostering Awareness for Youth (FAY). FAY is a campaign to raise awareness about the complications associated with the foster care system and its consequent effects on foster youth. Foster your own social responsibility and show your support by liking the Facebook page, sharing our posts, and engaging people in your communities about foster youth and the foster care system!

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Our project focuses on bringing attention to a population that is underprivileged and largely overlooked.  Many of the youth in foster care system lack the resources and opportunities other kids of their age may have. As a result of adverse childhood experiences, many youths face negative life outcomes and coping mechanisms after their transition out of the foster care system, such as emotional and cognitive impairment and the adoption of health-risk behaviors. We hope that our efforts can counter the potential effects of adverse childhood experiences so that the youths can lead healthier lives.  



Members of Project Maryvale have opportunities to work with a population that most people at UCLA are not familiar with.  Not only do members have a chance to positively impact the lives of the youths, but they also have the opportunity to learn from these youths. Members have the chance to engage with an underrepresented community through mindful activities and learn about the foster care system. Because Project Maryvale facilitates site visits through activities and demonstrations, members have a chance to hone their communication skills, strengthen their professionalism, and demonstrate their creativity. After sustainable engagements with foster youth, members gain a deeper insight of the diverse narratives of youths.

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Alodia Faytaren

Position: Project Maryvale Co-Director

Year: 4th Year

Major: Human Biology and Society

Short blurb: MESH has been a constant throughout all my years at UCLA and I have been very fortunate to be immersed in a group of people who are truly passionate about serving those in need. I am thankful to be able to interact with the youth in Maryvale Residential Homes who allow me to view our world from a different lens and remind me to be more appreciative of all the little things that life has to offer. This includes getting lost in a good book or coming home to a delicious home cooked meal!

Erica Chen

Position: Project Maryvale Co-Director

Year: 4th year

Major: Biochemistry

Short blurb: I am so grateful for MESH for offering me such a strong support network as well as diverse opportunities to volunteer within the underserved community. I have learned so much in my time working with the girls at Maryvale Foster Home and it has granted me a broader perspective in healthcare. They have really kept me on my toes in coming up with new creative ways to educate them in health knowledge, social skills, and life hacks. In my free time, I love hitting tennis, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Find me on the slopes!