What We Do

Project Healthfair aims to educate and provide health resources for underserved communities in the LA area. We do so by implementing quarterly health fairs in collaboration with physicians, nurses, and on campus organizations. Our project is divided into committees where members develop interactive demonstrations to engage and encourage community members to implement what they have learned into their daily lives. During health fairs, members perform hypertension and BMI screenings, perform demonstrations, and teach children of the community about healthy living and eating.

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Why Our Work Is Important

Consistent and secure access to care is crucial when establishing healthy communities. In past health fairs, we have found that a majority of our health fair participants are uninsured and are often unaware of the free or low cost resources their community has to offer. Our work is important because it aims to connect patients with resources available to them, while addressing prominent health issues their community faces. Our goal is to encourage patients to seek consistent medical care and to provide dependable resources patients can can utilize in the future.

What Members Gain


Members gain valuable networking experience by creating partnerships with physicians, nurses, and various organizations.


Our members develop skills necessary to interact with patients of different cultures, socioeconomic status, and ideologies; thus preparing them for their future health professions.


Members gain personal satisfaction in knowing that they have helped individuals who are in need, while developing friendships with people who take pride in helping communities in need.

Our Directors

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Project Healthfair Co-Director | Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology 2022

Joining MESH in my first year has helped me realize my passion in education and its importance in preventative healthcare. I am excited to continue to work with other members in organizing health fairs and providing access to healthcare services and knowledge to all communities. Aside from MESH, I enjoy baking and trying out new foods with friends!

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Project Healthfair Co-Director | Psychobiology Major and Cognitive Science Minor 2023

I am so grateful to have been a part of MESH since coming to UCLA. Project Health Fair has provided me with the invaluable experience of not only serving, but also connecting with people in the LA community. I am honored to serve everyone as the new PHF Co-Director and lead the team into even more engaging volunteer opportunities. I look forward to pursuing this passion for healthcare as a physician in the future. Outside of MESH, I enjoy traveling, baking, and meeting new people!